Who is Icon?

Icon or Conrad Kaczor is known as one of the most innovative poppers that specialize in the geometric shape-shifting styles of Tutting. He seamlessly fuses together the styles of Waving, Animation, and Robotics. Icon has always been into geometry and shapes with the influence growing up around modern art done by Dali and Picasso, which helped his craft and uniqueness.

Icon is eager to share his talents, he has traveled throughout the world to gain his knowledge of dance. The infamous International street dancer Salah called him Sleepy Tut due to how he's slept on style in the dance scene, and Mr. Wiggles from the famous Rocksteady Crew and Electric Boogaloos said he's "sickest King Tutters in the USA."

 Icon is currently in a international dance crew who are the leaders in Tutting called The Moon Runners. As well is in a upcoming Popping crew from Portland, Oregon going by Soul Trigger.  

Icon is performs for a site specific dance theater company called Heidi Duckler NW dance company. He as well performed for along with Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Vibesquad, Kevin Saunders, EPROM, Excision, Tipper and many more. He Even performed for the Mayor of Portland: Sam Adams.